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VA Dental Insurance can be purchased for around $16 a month per a person. A family can also apply with rates as low as $50 per a month. HumanaOne dental offers this insurance to be purchased online at Humana One Dental. The dental insurance can be effective very quickly and the memeber card can be printed online. Or visit our Dental Quote Finder page.



VA Dental Insurance Benefits:


     Preventive services No waiting period 100% no deductible

    Routine oral exam, 2 per year

    Periodontal exam, 2 per year

    X-rays, limit 1 full set per year

    Dental cleanings, limit 2 per year

    Topical fluoride treatment, limit 1 per year for age 14 and under

     Basic Dental services Six month waiting period 50% after $50 deductible

    Emergency care for pain relief after deductible

    Extractions and root removal

    Fillings limit 2 covered per year with composite covered on front teeth only

    Space maintainers for age 14 and under -covers initial placement only

    Prefabricated stainless steel crowns

    Oral surgery

     Discount Dental Services No waiting periods, Discounted 28%

    Periodontics and Endodontics / Root Canals

    Crowns and Implants

    Bridgework and Dentures

    Denture relines and rebases

    Denture repair and adjustments

    Appliances for children

    Inlays and onlays

     Orthodontia services - Discounted 28%

    Adult and child orthodontia

     Calendar Year Maximum - $1000 of services will be covered a year.

Check Vision and Dental Insurance at Vision and Dental Insurance to check on package plans.Also, if you need help finding the correct coverage visit Dental Insurance Full Coverage.

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VA Dental Insurance Review

Our family has used our VA dental benefits many times. My wife and two sons also use the insurance twice a year but I ony go to the dentist once. My last trip to the dentist involved having my son get his wisdom teeth pulled and my youngest son had a filling done. The insurance worked like a charm. All the pricing was provided to me when I first made the appointments. It only ended up being about $150 for getting the wisdom teeth pulled and the filling done. I can't complain about that. From years of experience, I will recommend contacting your dental office and giving them your member information ahead of time. This give the dental office staff time to call your insurance provider and get all the paper work done ahead of time. This saves your from waiting and finding it out while your in the office.

Personaly, my last visit to the dentist was not so good. I ended up getting a crown and root canal. This meant I had to see an oral surgeon to perform the work. My dentist had referred me to the oral surgen, so that part was easy enough. It took about three weeks before the dental surgeon was available, but he did a great job. I got anesthesia, because I requested it. I hate pain, so anesthesia was important to me. Our VA dental insurance costs our family of four $56 a month. I get my money's worth every year.


Paul and Virginia H.


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